It was in 2016 that Ecophyse, an independent expert in waste recovery and recycling solutions, gave birth to Happyloop!


« Hey, Magali, you wouldn’t have the right bins for the sorting to be done properly?” (one of our customers to Magali Frontero, CEO)


A recurring request which, like a small seed sown, helps to define the HappyLoop project : a unique brand of bins and collectors for selective sorting associated with a support and personalization service so thaht everyone can better understand his action.

logo HappyLoop

Our values

At HappyLoop, humanism is our leitmotiv. Common thread of our actions, we know that people are at the heart of the recycling process, from the act of purchase (waste reduction, recyclable products) to sorting. We contribute to give sorting solutions, but also expertise and sensibilisation.

Responsibility, whether environmental, social or societal, is a strong marker in HappyLoop. We are committed to respecting and preserving both resources and the individual. Our products are made in France (in our region) or in Holland in an ethical logic: recyclable or recycled products, low carbon footprint, fair compensation for manufacturers, etc. Aware that everything can be improved, we are constantly thinking about improving our operations in this sense.

Finally, we are concerned by the quality of our products and our services. We want our customers and service providers to be satisfied with our collaboration. More than the act of purchase or sale, we consider that the purpose of our actions is in the direction of the common good : sorting, recycling and protecting our planet

Our commitments

Since 2016, HappyLoop has been developing a range of containers dedicated to recyclable waste (but also general waste) that are both incentive, fun, interactive, design and customizable


Our collectors and garbage can encourage good sorting practices and overcome the obstacles they encounter. By taking the form of the waste they receive or by differentiating themselves from conventional containers, HappyLoop products challenge the user, raise their awareness and engage them in sorting.

HappyLoop is also a team that listens to your needs and studies with you the best solutions for your structure (company, community, public places, association…) : collector solutions, waste audit, training of your staff in recycling actions, search for possibilities for the recovery of your waste, etc.)

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