Our solutions for recovering and recycling your glasses

The sorting and recycling of glass is mandatory (décret nr. 2021-950 du 16 juillet 2021)

Glass is a 100% recyclable and infinitely recyclable material while it takes 4000 years for glass to degrade in nature !

Sorted, crushed and freed of impurities (labels, corks), the glass will be transformed into cullet before being remelted

1 tonne of cullet reused means 1.2 tonnes of raw materials saved including 700kg of sand

A glass bottle can become a bottle again if it is correctly collected and sorted


Key figures about glass recycling

  • 52 million tons of glass collected in France and recycled in 2021 (FEDEREC)
  • 90% of the volume corresponds to household glasses and 10% to the collection of industrial glass

* Source of KPI FEDEREC : professional federation of recycling companies

ECOPHYSE advices you for the recycling and recovery of all your glass materials (hollow glasses and flat glasses)

Hollow glass : bottles, glass jars, jars, cosmetic bottles but also pharmaceutical bottles (separate collection because of treated glass)

Flat glasses : windshield, windows


Ecophyse :

  • Carries out characterization of your glass materials (hollow and flat glasses)
  • Advices on sorting with a view to optimizing recycling
  • Researches recycling solutions based on the technical specificities of your glass materials
  • Integrates of your constraints (loading methods, organization, volumes, etc…) and offers you suitable solutions
  • Optimizes the recovery of your glass materials and gives you an estimate
  • Undertakes to load your glass materials within 48 hours
  • Ensures fast and secure payment (outstanding insurance)


Pourquoi faire appel à ECOPHYSE ?


  • Research and constant monitoring of new outlets
  • Regular pick-ups and deliveries
  • Quadrilingual team (French, English, German, Spanish) to respond to all requests