Our solutions for the recovery and recycling of your plastic materials

The sorting and recycling of plastic is mandatory (décret nr. 2021-950 du 16 juillet 2021)

We recover and recycle plastic materials such as PE, PP, PS and HDPE

In example, if the plastic is correctly sorted and collected, it can once again become a packaging, a consumer product such as a bucket, a watering can, a coat hanger or other

The key figures of plastic recycling

  • 1 million tons of plastic collected and recycled in France
  • 64% of the volume are plastics from industrial activity and 36% from selective collection from households

* Source of KPI FEDEREC : professional federation of recycling companies

ECOPHYSE advices you for the recycling and recovery of all your plastics materials


Ecophyse :


  • Carries out the characterization of your plastic materials such as PE, PP, PS and HDPE
  • Advices on sorting with a view to optimizing recycling
  • Researches recycling solutions based on the technical specificities of your plastic materials
  • Integrates of your constraints (loading methods, organization, volumes, etc…) and offers you suitable solutions
  • Optimizes the recovery of your plastic materials and gives you an estimate
  • Undertakes to load your plastic materials within 48 hours
  • Ensures fast and secure payment (outstanding insurance)


Why contact Ecophyse ?


  • Research and constant monitoring of new outlets
  • Regular pick-ups and deliveries
  • Quadrilingual team (French, English, German, Spanish) to respond to all requests