ECOPHYSE works directly upstream with sorting operators (recovery companies) and downstream with waste users (industry).


Thanks to a waste audit, ECOPHYSE helps you setting up your company’s recycling management.

Ecophyse locaux

When to contact ECOPHYSE :

ECOPHYSE helps companies to reduce their environmental and financial impact.

We are looking for the best adapted recycling solution for your company and your waste. Our expertise takes care about your budget.

ECOPHYSE helps you to :


your waste in recyclable materials


your waste management costs


waste recovery

Audit of the potential for reducing and recycling your waste :

  • Inventory of generated waste
  • Analysis of the equipment used (machines and materials)
  • Study of the means already used to promote the reduction of waste and associated costs
  • Analyse of recycling possibilities
  • Study of the costs of your waste item

Definition of pragmatic solutions for your company :

  • Operational proposals for recycling
  • Identification of opportunities to reduce your waste
  • Identification of the most suitable treatment channels
  • Supply of the communication pack for the company

Definition and implementation of result monitoring tools :

  • Implementation of indicators and statistical tools to measure the performance achieved. Ecophyse also works on specific environmental issues
  • Search for recycling solutions for your waste when you have not found any
  • Recyclability study of your products, support in organizing their recycling and associated communication